Dedicated Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

NIRScout is an ultra-compact fNIRS neuroimaging solution that offers the versatility and scalability to fit a broad range of research applications. For example, investigating motor sensory functions, traumatic brain injury, learning/attention disorders and brain computer interfaces.

NIRScout is manufactured by NIRx in Germany, with local distribution, training and support in the UK by CRS.

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Specialised NIRx Optodes and Caps

Optodes and caps are some of the most important pieces of any NIRS system setup. Both you and your subject will be in intimate contact with these critical components every time the system is used.

This page gives an overview of your options.

Contact our Staff Scientist for help selecting the best combination of NIRCaps and Optodes for your specific subjects and application.

NIRx optodes are incredibly easy and fast to set up

In order to send light into the brain to get a NIRS measurement of neuroactivation, one must first ensure that optodes are touching the skin. NIRx NIRS optodes are very easy to set up incredibly quickly.

The first video below shows fNIRS subject preparation using a standard 16-probe montage over the motor cortex. All NIRx fNIRS systems can measure from anywhere on the subject's head (and even can take peripheral measurements). Total setup time to achieve high-quality data is roughly 10 minutes/16 probes/subject with one technician doing the preparation.



New spring loaded grommets for 60 second setup

And the following video demonstrates a less than 60-second NIRScap setup using NIRx spring-loaded grommets. Spring loaded grommets are compatible with standard probes and blunt tipped probes, and patent-pending dual-tipped probes.




Choose the most comfortable probes for your subject 

NIRS Probes and Caps must be fit properly and comfortably. Caps must be snug but comfortable. An uncomfortable subject will not give good data. Many NIRS probes are incredibly uncomfortable and can only be worn for 30 minutes at the most before subjects must take them off. Not only are our standard probes comfortable, but we also offer specialized probes for long-term measurements and NIRS measurements on infants and children.


Standard tip NIRS optode 

For all-around use on adults, juveniles, and older children.




Blunt tip NIRS optode 

Ideal for use on full-term infants and children.



Flat tip NIRS optode 

Ideal for use on neonates and infants.




Dual Tip NIRS optode (premium) 

More comfortable than standard tips, more sensitivity in active detectors, faster setup. (patent pending)




Low-profile NIRS optode (premium) 

Ideal for concurrent NIRS + TMS, NIRS + MRI, or NIRS + MEG

NIRx low-profile probes lock in place, ensuring stable measurements.



Choose the correct NIRSCap Size

NIRx offers comfortable and properly-fitting caps for all subject ages.



Contact our Staff Scientist for help selecting the best combination of NIRCaps and Optodes for your specific subjects and application.

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