NIRSport Mobile fNIRS in a Backpack


Dedicated Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

NIRSport is the first freely configurable, wearable, multichannel NIRS imaging system to be used on any part of the head. This pocket-book sized device combines LED illumination and innovative active detection technology into a truly wearable brain imaging solution.

NIRScout is manufactured by NIRx in Germany, with local distribution, training and support in the UK by CRS.

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NIRSport Wearable, Multi-channel Neuroimaging Platform

NIRSport is the first freely configurable, wearable, multichannel functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) platform twhich measures hemodynamic neuroactivation via oxy-, deoxy-, and total hemoglobin changes in the cerebral cortex. This ultra-light (1kg) pocket-book sized device combines LED illumination and innovative active detection technology into a truly wearable brain imaging solution.

This opens a wide field of innovative applications where portability, a miniature footprint, or wearability are premium concerns; including bedside monitoring, sports medicine, intensive care, neonatal imaging, rehabilitation, freely moving subjects, interacting cognitive studies, driver/pilot vigilance, etc.



NIRSport has 8-sources 8-detectors (64 channel) with a diverse array of headgear and probes to fit any subject. It also offers the ability for tandem studies with two separate systems synchronized to operate simultaneously, thus doubling the source-detector density to 16-sources 16-detectors (128 channel).

Freely configurable probe arrays easily integrate with EEG and tDCS within a single NIRx NIRScap. Concurrent fNIRS + fMRI and fNIRS + TMS may be done with NIRSport's low profile fiber-optic probes. NIRSport can measure both topographic and tomographic NIRS data from the entire cortex, yeilding 3D depth-discriminating neuroactivation. The system uses precise event marker triggering, and a real-time data streaming option is available for BCI / neurofeedback applications.

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See the hemodynamic activation and changes in this expert table tennis player. He is wearing NIRx's portabl NIRSport fNIRS imaging system, which can measure from anywhere on a subject's head (with up to 32 individual probes).



Key Advantages

  • Battery operated
  • Wearable system
  • LED illumination sources
  • Active detection sensors
  • Flexible user-defined measuring cap arrays
  • Tandem imaging capability
  • EEG Compatible
  • Real time display
  • Wireless real-time data streaming
  • Open data format compatible with wide range of analysis software platforms




  • BCI/Neurofeedback
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Developmental discorders
  • Hyperscanning (multi-subject measurement)
  • Movement / balance
  • Neuropathy
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Social integration
  • Speech / language
  • Stroke and rehabilitaion
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Visual impairment / stimulation
  • Multi-modal integration



Technical Specification

Maximum Sources: 8 (up to 16 in tandem config.)

Maximum Detectors: 8 (up to 16 in tandem config.)

Maximum Data Channel Stream: 64 (up to 128 in tandem config.)

Sampling Rate: 2.5 - 62.5 Hz

Source Illumination Types: LED

Source Wavelengths: 760nm & 850nm

Key Measurement Features: Time multiplexing and 10^9 dynamic gain state switching

Detector Dynamic Range & Sensitivity: 60 dBopt; < 1 pW

Detection Sensor: Si Photodiode, Active sensor

Trigger/Event Connection Extended: 4-bit TTL Input

Maximum Functional Resolution: 5mm (with 7.5mm source-detector spacing)

Included Data Acquisition Software: NIRStar

Included Topography Software: nirsLAB

Headgear: NIRScaps: freely-configurable, measures whole head, fits all age ranges, multi-modal

BCI/Neurofeedback: Optional module for NIRStar

Multi-modal Compatibility: Built-in: EEG, tDCS, eye-tracking, motion-tracking; Requiring module: fMRI, TMS

Hyperscanning Configuration: Up to 2 separate bi-lateral 8-source/8-detector arrays for 2 subjects

Multi-distance/Short-distance Probe Arrays: Yes

3D Depth-discrimination: Yes

Included Accessories: NIRScaps, Backpack, System carrying case, Trigger cable, Laptop/Tablet PC, Baseplate

Optional Accessories: Computer cart, Active Trigger Splitter, fMRI/TMS Compatibility, Flat and Blunt-tipped Probes, Animal NIRS Module, BCI/neurofeedback

Temperature Range: 10C - 40C (operating), -15C to 70C (storage)

Spectroscopic Technique, Phase Type: Continuous Wave, Single Phase

Humidity: 20% - 80% Relative, Non-condensing

Power Supply Voltage and Consumption: 15-21 VAC (50Hz - 60Hz); 3W Max

Dimensions (WxHxL), Net Weight: Standard: 105 x 170mm x 40mm, 660g



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