NIRSport Mobile fNIRS in a Backpack


Dedicated Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

NIRSport is the first freely configurable, wearable, multichannel NIRS imaging system to be used on any part of the head. This pocket-book sized device combines LED illumination and innovative active detection technology into a truly wearable brain imaging solution.

NIRScout is manufactured by NIRx in Germany, with local distribution, training and support in the UK by CRS.

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NIRStar Acquisition Software

NIRScout includes the NIRStar software package, which provides a user-friendly GUI for system control including: quick automated calibration and diagnostics; signal quality checks; clear subject monitoring; and real time data streams, block averaging, and 2D, 3D and MNI activation displays.


NIRStar is designed to function as a multiplatform instrument controlling environment that offers maximum flexibility to support the many investigational paradigms that the NIRx line of NIRSport and NIRScout functional imaging systems can explore.Whether your aim is to perform mobile studies with the NIRSport or high density hyperscanning measurements with the NIRScoutX, NIRStar gives you a wealth of system control and real-time display capabilities that are designed to maximize the investigational opportunities accessible with NIRS.



Data Quality without Compromise

Built-in features such as automatic calibration and diagnostics are put to work to assure that your experiment begins by collecting the best data possible. The NIRStar signal quality indicator allows you to effortlessly review the integrity of any incoming data.



Adapted to your Needs

Easily move between common, predefined montages (from a set that allows the user to have a quick setup of the hardware configuration according to the desired experiment design) or customize your own and save them for use in future measurements.



Interact with your Data

Out of the box, NIRStar is capable of delivering realtime block averages and activation views allowing clear subject monitoring and the ability to compare events while recording.

Streaming of data to another PC allows you to process the data in real-time enabling the use of machine learning algorithms for multi-modal BCI with NIRS and EEG.



Solid Results with NIRx Flexibility

NIRStar 14.1 allows the user to automatically export recorded datasets to the Homer2 format. To the left is an example of Hyperscanning data - NIRStar automatically separates each subject’s data into its respective folders.


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Additional Features of NIRStar Include

Automated instrument recognition upon software startup.

  • Ability to run full or partial sensing configurations.
  • Tandem operation for all instrument types.
  • Programmable source control to support multisite brain studies (e.g., left and right hemispheres).
  • Automated logging of input triggers from 3rd party devices.
  • Programmable specification of output triggers to 3rdparty devices (NIRScoutX only).
  • User-controlled manual trigger input.
  • Multiple real-time display screens.
  • Montage viewing options: Glass view, optode locations and standard EEG positions (international 10-10 system).
  • Sensor registration onto anatomical displays (scalp, cortical, MNI brain).
  • Real-time updates of hemodynamic response to event related protocols.
  • Real-time hyperscanning topographic displays (Hbdeoxy, Hboxy, Hbtotal).
  • Programmable display capability to highlight preselected sensor locations.
  • Automated gain adjustment to maximize dynamic range of measurement.
  • On-line frequency filtering of displayed results.
  • User GUI for specification of custom optode configurations.
  • Automated helpful suggestions to facilitate system use.
  • Real-time system status reporting display.
  • User directed comment box for information logging.

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