Display++ LCD Monitor


Display++ makes it easy to display calibrated visual stimuli with precision timing, and provides robust and reliable synchronisation of the stimulus presentation with external data collection equipment, at an affordable price.

Configurable contrast resolution combined with fast panel drive rate, custom lag-free electronics, and a scanning, strobing LED backlight are some of the tools that make Display++ ideal for cognitive, psychophysical and neurophysiological investigations of vision and the brain.

P0250 Display++ Datasheet M0250 Display++ Datasheet

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The Ultimate Display for Vision Science?

Over the last 20 years our customers have frequently asked us to create 'the ultimate display', and we've heard dozens of opinions on what this would comprise:

Super high refresh rate, fast response, huge colour gamut, immersive field of view, excellent spatial uniformity & additivity, high contrast, extreme brightness, linear light output, stability and perfect stimulus reproduction...

Different applications place importance on different aspects of the stimulus, and the ultimate display would satisfy them all. The dream is alive, but reality, of course, is limited by both technology and budgets. We've engineered Display++ to the best possible specification, then made it configurable, so that you can choose how to trade off the available bandwidth, producing the optimum display for your research, at a price that won't bust your grant.

The ultimate display is science fiction. Display++ is a real solution, packed with practical features for rigorous research.

Trusted CRS technology

Cambridge Research Systems ViSaGe and Bits# visual stimulators are ubiquitous in vision labs all over the world trusted for precise contol of colour, contrast and timing.

Display++ integrates all the benefits of our proven technology with a display device designed from the ground up for science. It's as easy to use as a normal computer monitor and compatible with community tools, like Psychtoolbox and PsychoPy, Psykinematix, or your own software.

As always, we are transparent about the advantages and limitations of the technology so you can understand which features really affect the quality of your stimulus. There are no secrets to Cambridge Research Systems' products - just great engineering, which we are happy to explain.

Visual Psychophysics Made Easy


Psykinematix consists in a unique OpenGL-based software package that does not require any programming skill to create and run complex experiments.

Easy to use, subject-friendly, powerful and reliable, Psykinematix runs standard psychophysical protocols, presents complex stimuli, collects subject's responses, and analyzes results on the fly.

Psykinematix for Display++ is now available. Order it alongside your Display++ and we'll send you a free trial to evaluate for up to 15 days. Contact us for details.

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