SFN 2017 9-15 November, Washington D.C.

Meet with Jakob at SfN 2017, learn about our all new and affordable Lightning eye tracker, hear our BOLDfonic fMRI audio demo. Don't forget to ask Jakob how our Tools for Vision Science and Tools for Functional Imaging can help you in your research. 

SfN 2017 runs fom November 9-15 in Washintgon D.C.

New products, integrated solutions at SfN 2017

Our New Affordable Eye Tracking

This year at the Society for Neuroscience meeting, staff scientist Dr. Jakob Thomassen will be introducing LiveTrack Lightning - our brand new 500 Hz binocular eye tracker designed for laboratory research. The live demos will showcase Lightning’s ability to deliver accurate, precise estimates of eye rotation, Direction of Gaze and pupil size. At the booth, you’ll find information about eye tracking solutions for fMRI and NHPs too.

Calibrated Touch Screen

Jakob will also be explaining how the Display++ Touchscreen integrates with eye tracking and audio from Cambridge Research Systems. This advanced display is ideal for assessing visual-motor integration, reaction times and eye-hand coordination, with precise timing for visual stimuli and touch registration. The Display++’s touch screen is sensitive enough to detect contact from rodents, yet robust enough to withstand repeated impacts from NHPs.

Displays for fMRI

At the booth, you'll find our flagship BOLDscreen 32 – it’s the only display made for fMRI with no time lag, integrated sensor for luminance calibration and no interference with the scanner - even when positioned right at the exit of the bore.

Audio for fMRI

Don’t forget to Hear the Difference at our other demo! Expecting audio piped down long, acoustic tubes? Nope. Instead, hear for yourself how our BOLDfonic headphones achieve both excellent frequency response across a wide dynamic range, and significant scanner noise attenuation.

Other Tools and Support

A selection of our other Tools for Functional Imaging and Tools for Vision Science will be on display at our double booth, along with product leaflets galore!

Feel free to strike up a conversation with Jakob. He’s well versed on the specifics regarding compatibility and integration with your existing lab equipment and software.

See you there!