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Post-process, visualize and fuse advanced brain images, acquired on any MRI, CT, or PET scanner. Choose from a variety of modules that seamlessly integrate into a state-of-the-art neuroimaging platform. Let us develop customized tools and modules for you that are based on your individual requirements.

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The most user-friendly neuroimaging software for radiologists and clinicians

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Main module and Fusion Tools

Import, visualize, fuse, and export multi-modal brain images (MRI, CT, and PET scan).

  • Transfer DICOM images viathe network and import theminto BrainMagix, whatever their source (Siemens, Philips,GE, and Toshiba scanners).
  • Display images in orthogonal,mosaic, or cine view.
  • Fuse multi-modal images (MRI,CT, PET) in semi-transparency.
  • Automatically register MRI, CT,and PET images: follow-up MS lesions, localize a tumor’s hot spot,register different MRI contrasts,and different scanning sessions.
  • Quantify your images withregions of interest (ROI).
  • Export post-processed images to your PACS or to your treatment planning station.


fMRI Module

Localize eloquent brain areas for neurosurgical planning, assess the state of consciousness of coma/vegetative/MCS/locked-in patients.

  • Define your paradigms (multi-runs,multi-conditions, multi-contrasts)
  • Automate the analysis: realign,register, analyze, threshold,and visualize your fMRI images in a few clicks.
  • Visualize the BOLD signal.
  • Fuse your fMRI images withany other modality.


Perfusion Module

Analyze DSC perfusion examinations.

  • Calculate CBV, CBF, MTT,TTP, and TMAX maps.
  • Use a state-of-the-art circular deconvolution algorithm.
  • Visualize and compare the perfusion signals in ROIs.


Diffusion Module

Process and visualize DWI and DTI images.

  • Calculate the ADC, FA, and color maps.
  • Perform fiber tracking.


Stroke Module

Segment the infarct’s core and penumbra.

  • Use a state-of-the-art algorithm.
  • Segment the TMAX and ADC maps.
  • Review and fuse with anatomical images.


SurferMagix Module

FreeSurfer’s structural segmentation made easy.

  • Quantify brain atrophy (WM/GM/CSF) in Alzheimer and MS patients.
  • Quantify hippocampalatrophy and cortical thinning in Alzheimer patients.


Longitudinal Follow-up Module

Follow-up the progression of multiple sclerosis and other chronic brain diseases.

  • Register and subtract follow-up MRIs.
  • Quantify lesion load.

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