22" Mitsubishi 2070SB Colour CRT for Vision Science

CRT 350x350

22" colour CRT displays for vision science.

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Replace ageing CRT technology with the latest Display++ LCD monitor built for vision research.

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32” 3D capable 1920x1080 full HD widescreen display, with 10-bit colour resolution and 120Hz panel drive, configurable up to 16-bit RGB resolution.





The Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB is an example of the type of 22" CRT display that was previously used for many psychophysics and visual neuroscience experiments. HP and NEC branded models (models HP p1230 and NEC FP2141SB) were made to the same 2070SB specification, with the same CRT and electronics.

CRT type: 22" SuperBright DIAMONDTRON aperture grille colour CRT

Screen Size: Active screen size 510mm (20"); active display area 406mm x 304mm (full scan)

Grille pitch: 0.24mm

Pixel clock: 390MHz

Horizontal frequency (line rate): 30-140kHz

Vertical frequency (frame rate): 50-160Hz

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