CB7 Rotary Control

CB7 Rotary Hand 350x350

  • 6 action rotary response wheel and button
  • USB interface connects direct to your PC
  • Supported by the CRS Toolbox for MATLAB

Guide Price: £200

SKU: M0703

The CB7 allows the subject or experiment supervisor to make precise parameter adjustments to stimuli presented by ViSaGe, Bits# or your own software.

The high quality aluminium wheel connects directly to your PC via a USB interface. It can be pressed like a button as well as rotated, and detects six actions:

  • wheel press
  • wheel release
  • clockwise with wheel released
  • anticlockwise with wheel released
  • clockwise with wheel pressed
  • anticlockwise with wheel pressed

It can be programmed from MATLAB or WIN32 supported programming tools.

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