RB-530 Series

RB530 350x350

Quality, ergonomic, practical response pads from Cedrus.

  • Compatible with all major stimulus presentation packages including the ViSaGe system
  • Customisable key tops
  • Built in timing facilities
  • Accessory connector

Guide Price: £310

SKU: N1220


The RB series from Cedrus are high quality, ergonomic, and practical response pads that are compatible with all major stimulus presentation packages. The RB Series models are smart devices. They measure the participant's reaction time in hardware and provide additional timing facilities for the stimulus presentation program.

The RB-530 provides five keys and is ideally suited for experiments involving spatial orientation. The keys are large and feature removable key tops (except for the center round key). The photo above shows an RB-530 pad with the colored tops (included free) installed. The pad also comes with four clear key tops so you can insert any legend or color paper.

They are compatible with all versions of Mac OS and Windows.