RB-530 Series

RB530 350x350

Quality, ergonomic, practical response pads from Cedrus.

  • Compatible with all major stimulus presentation packages including the ViSaGe system
  • Customisable key tops
  • Built in timing facilities
  • Accessory connector

Guide Price: £310

SKU: N1220


USB interface

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Linux drivers are also available though unsupported.

Replaceable key tops

Customize the response pads to any experiment.

Built-in reaction time measurement

Get piece of mind with a hardware timer that guarantees 1 millisecond resolution. Your computer is now free to perform any task, however complex (e.g. playing a movie) while the response pad takes care of timing.

Universal compatibility

The RB Series response pads are compatible with E-Prime, Presentation, SuperLab, and other programs.

No batteries or A/C adapter required

Take them anywhere, they work even on a battery-operated laptop.

Accessory Connector

You now have six general purpose TTL lines -- save on the cost of an I/O card (SuperLab 4.0 will be needed to take advantage of this feature).

Upgradeable firmware

Your response pad will never be obsolete. The firmware (the software inside the pad) can be upgraded via a simple download.