Display++ LCD Monitor


Display++ makes it easy to display calibrated visual stimuli with precision timing, and provides robust and reliable synchronisation of the stimulus presentation with external data collection equipment, at an affordable price.

Configurable contrast resolution combined with fast panel drive rate, custom lag-free electronics, and a programmable LED backlight are some of the tools that make Display++ ideal for cognitive, psychophysical and neurophysiological investigations of vision and the brain.

P0250 Display++ Datasheet  M0250 & M0251 Display++ Datasheet

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Get your timing right - time and time again...

Display++ is also available with a built-in touchscreen option, ideal for visual-motor studies, for example:

  • Assess visual-motor integration with synchronised visual stimuli and reach/touch measurements.
  • Assess reaction times, motor error and adaptation with the integrated clock and touchscreen.
  • Assess eye-hand coordination with optional eye tracker.

Robust Corning Gorilla Glass IR touchscreen

We selected high quality infra-red touch screen technology, and built it directly into the Display++ bezel. This gives a streamlined, easy-to-clean design with a highly durable glass surface and no additional layers to obscure your stimulus. It's sensitive enough to detect contact from rodents, and robust enough to withstand repeated impacts from NHPs. It's also compatible with the optional FPR LCD panel that we can provide for dichoptic/3D viewing.

  • High spatial accuracy: 3-4mm
  • Synchronous deterministic timing: 8ms resolution
  • Corning Gorilla Glass surface: no sensitive coating, high durability
  • Optical clarity: near 100 % optical transmission
  • Touch methods: bare or gloved finger or any solid object, with no pressure required

Precision internal timing

Full integration delivers precise timing of visual stimuli and touch registration. All touches are time stamped internally, and therefore unaffected by non-deterministic host computer uncertainties. Touch coordinates and time stamp are returned to the host computer on USB. The optional analogue I/O module provides positional information directly encoded on 2 DACs. The internal timer can also register visual stimuli (e.g. onset or response box presses and external triggers.

How to order

To provide superior precision and durability, the touchscreen is fully integrated into the display as part of our manufacturing process, and cannot be fitted as an upgrade later - so if you require the touchscreen option, please let us know when you place your order.

Guide Price

Add GBP1500, euro1875, USD2250 to the Display++ Guide Price. 

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