Tools for fMRI

Explore new possibilities at 3T, 7T and beyond

Cambridge Research Systems' team puts you at the forefront of fMRI, delivering expert advice, and integrated, single-source solutions. You can be confident that our tools provide the precision and control needed for scientific applications, while remaining practical and affordable - the engineering philosophy which we have held since our incorporation in 1989.

New UHF installation?

We recommend the industry leading BOLDscreen 32 LCD display. It's MR safe at 7T, and creates no scan interference even when placed for maximum visibility, right at the exit of the bore. Our flexible trolley allows you to reposition your BOLDscreen directly over the bed track at the rear.

Paired with the BOLDfonic bi-directional audio system, and a set of MediGlasses, you have the perfect setup for high quality audio-visual presentation.

According to your needs, you can add response devices, pillows and other devices from our UHF range.

Expanding your 3T capability?

There are many ways to unlock new possibilities at 3T.

If you specialise in visual fMRI we suggest the BOLDscreen 24 calibrated display, integrated with our very own LiveTrack AV eyetracker.

For a massive performance boost, the G├╝dform 32 channel MR coil is atlas-optimised for visual cortex imaging - it provides 7T-like performance on standard 3T scanners.

Please browse our range of systems, and for expert advice on equipment, integration and installation, and to obtain price and delivery information for your location and currency, talk to our staff scientists.

Tools for UHF fMRI Brochure

Please browse our range of systems and, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact our staff scientists.