MRI Patient Comfort Communication and Entertainment

  • MRI Entertainment display thru scanner 350

    Harmony MRI Entertainment

    Allow your MRI participants to enjoy audio-visual entertainment during their scan. Simply play your media on an tablet in the control room. Video is displayed on an MRI compatible 32" LCD display placed in the exam room, with sound routed into your existing scanner headphones via the technologist intercom system.

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  • SCANCLIX thumbnail

    SCANCLIX for Siemens

    MR Safe cable management clips and accessory mounts suitable for use with Siemens MRI patient tables that have 10.5 mm slots.

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  • MRIFocusS32 vision correction frames and lenses mounted on Siemens headcoil

    MRIFocus for Siemens

    MR safe prescription RX lenses and mounts suitable for use with Siemens 20, 32 and 64 channel MRI headcoils.  No metallic components. Easy drop-in lens interchange system.

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  • MediGlasses 350x350

    MediGlasses for MRI - Mini Set

    MR safe prescription glasses suitable for use in MRI, fMRI, MEG, PET, CT and EEG environments. No metallic components. Easy push fit interchange system with -5 to +3 dioptre Rx/lenses in 1.0 dioptre increments.

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