MRI Audio-Visual

Anxious, uncomfortable patients are known to move more during MRI exams. This can result in poor quality diagnostics and aborted scans[1, 2].

Use entertainment systems to distract patients, improve their comfort and satisfaction, and deliver better results.


"Patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can often experience anxiety during the scanning procedure [1]. In some cases, this anxiety can result in a claustrophobic event, with the scan requiring termination early, or the patient simply refusing to be scanned, with recent literature suggesting this occurs in 12 of 1,000 patients. [2]"

[1] Munn, Z., & Jordan, Z. (2011). The patient experience of high technology medical imaging: a systematic review of the qualitative evidence. JBI Library of Systematic Reviews 9(19), 631–678.
[2] Munn, Z., Moola, S., Lisy, K., Riitano, D., & Murphy, F. (2015). Claustrophobia in magnetic resonance imaging: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Radiography 21(2), e59–e63.

  • MRI Entertainment display thru scanner 350

    Harmony MRI Entertainment

    Allow your MRI participants to enjoy audio-visual entertainment during their scan. Simply play your media on an tablet in the control room. Video is displayed on an MRI compatible 32" LCD display placed in the exam room, with sound routed into your existing scanner headphones via the technologist intercom system.

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