MRI Audio Visual

  • MRI Harmony 300x300


    Our Patient Entertainment solution can help to distract the patient while they are being scanned and will lead to better quality data with fewer aborted scans. Patients can watch HD movies, listen to music, or look at a slideshow of photographs. The equipment is compatible with any 1.5T or 3T MRI system and can be sited anywhere within the MRI room.

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  • MediGlasses 350x350

    MediGlasses for MRI - Clinical Set

    MR safe prescription glasses suitable for use in MRI, fMRI, MEG, PET, CT and EEG environments. No metallic components. Easy push fit interchange system with -5 to +3 dioptre Rx/lenses in 1.0 dioptre increments.

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  • Nomoco 350x350

    NoMoCo Healthcare Cover

    Biostatic (anti-mycotic) polyurethane coated. System provides a barrier to virus and bacteria. A high-volume use system with a thick, durable, tear resistant weft knitted fabric cover.

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