Harmony MRI Entertainment

MRI Entertainment display thru scanner 350

Allow your MRI participants to enjoy audio-visual entertainment during their scan.

Simply play your media on an tablet in the control room. Video is displayed on an MRI compatible 32" LCD display placed in the exam room, with sound routed into your existing scanner headphones via the technologist intercom system.

Entry level system includes:

  • 32" in-room LCD display & trolley
  • Audio Visual Interface Hub (AVI)
  • iPad with stand and Digital AV adapter
  • In-bore mirror and pillow

Guide Price: £23000

SKU: M0134

MRI Entertainment

You can't take your smartphone into an MRI scan...
... but Harmony MRI entertainment system is the next best thing.

This cost effective solution takes media from an iPad in the control room, and plays it in the examination room via an in-room 32" LCD display and the scanner intercom headphones.

You can now play any audio or video track from the iPad, and even use the iPad camera to display your face while speaking to your participant from the control room, during the exam. 


Viewing the display

In the image below, a head coil will be used to perform a brain scan. The head coil will include a small mirror (not shown) to allow the participant to view the display at the back of the bore. If a head coil is not being used, the Harmony package includes its own in-bore mirror and pillow. In both these cases, the image on the screen can be left-right flipped by a button on the AVI Hub.

If the head is not within the bore, the display can be placed in a different position so that it can be viewed directly.

MRI Entertainment display seen thru scanner


In the control room

The iPad is connected to the AVI (Audio-Visual Interface) Hub using a standard adaptor cable. The Hub splits the signal into separate audio and video, routing video to the in-room display, and audio to the scanner's existing headphones.

ipad mirrored into MRI exam room

In the exam room

MRI Display

At the heart of the system is the BOLDscreen in-room 32" LCD display. BOLDscreen is proven technology with hundreds in use worldwide in advanced applications including fMRI, in-room monitoring, and MRI guided therapy, as well as for MR entertainment. The display causes no RF noise or reduction in SNR, even when placed right next to the bore, and is compatible with 1.5T, 3T and 7T scanners from all manufacturers.

BS32 on narrow trolley

BOLDscreen can be placed anywhere within the exam room to suit the type of scan that's being performed. It's supplied with a versatile compact trolley that suits many situations; alternatively we can supply Custom Trolleys, or the display can be wall or ceiling mounted.

If the participant's head is within the bore, the display is viewed via a small in-bore mirror (supplied as an optional accessory) and the image is left-right flipped by a button press on the AVI Hub.

BOLDscreen is straightforward to install. It's connected to the AVI Hub via a single fibre cable which passes through the waveguide, and low voltage DC power is installed via the penetration panel.

MRI headphones

Audio output from the AVI Hub can be plugged into the audio connection of the technologist intercom and played through the MRI headphones supplied with the scanner.

MRI Entertainment Headphones and Display 


Other audio-visual input and output options

The AVI Hub supports multiple HDMI and DisplayPort sources and can drive alternative audio systems. See Advanced AVI Hub features.

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