BOLDscreen 32 UHD

BS32UHD on trolley with scanner

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Featuring an Ultra High Definition 32" 3840x2160 LCD display with wide colour gamut LED backlight and high-bandwidth HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4 and USB Type-C interfaces, the new slim, unibody BOLDscreen 32 UHD design is both easy to install in all MRI environments and compatible with any video source you want to use. For fMRI, iMRI, MRI, or any other in-room application.

Our BOLDscreen monitors are the only "MRI Compatible" displays with deterministic timing, integrated calibration and, of course, no interference with the scanner, even when positioned right at the exit of the bore.

Guide Price: £21500


BOLDscreen 32 UHD

BOLDscreen 32 UHD with powder explosion image

What matters most? No RF noise. And no reduction in SNR.

BOLDscreen 32 UHD produces no observed effect on functional and structural MRI scans, even when located at directly at the exit of scanner bore, and there's no interference effect on its stunning displayed image whilst scanning, no matter the sequence you want to run. 

It's suitable for all in-room applications including fMRI, MRI guided therapies and MRI entertainment.

We are the only manufacturer of in-room LCD displays that can be positioned anywhere inside the MRI room, no matter the field strength. We have existing sites using BOLDscreen monitors at 0.5T, 1.5T, 3T, 4T and 7T. No matter which MRI system you are using, you can be confident that our technology will not degrade your MRI data.

Innovation from beginning to end

We have been designing and making MRI-compatible displays and other accessories in-house for more than 20 years; we strive to bring the latest technologies and manufacturing advancements to deliver innovation at every level. The BOLDscreen 32 UHD system is much more than a stunning in-room Ultra High Definition display; it features slim, unibody construction that is easy to mount, a robust fibre optic SDVoE interface and an integrated wireless hub that supports an entirely new range of synchronised MRI accessories.

It's all in the layers. As few as possible.

The BOLDscreen 32 UHD design has been stripped back to eliminate weight, improve picture quality, and deliver a modern display aesthetic. Utilising a rigid unibody construction and the latest optical bonding techniques, BOLDscreen 32 UHD tips the scales at under 10 kg, almost half the mass of the original BOLDscreen 32 HD design, while still maintaining exceptional EMI performance and delivering class-leading technical features.

BOLDscreen 32 UHD Layers Deconstructed

Redefining easy installation

Within the MRI room, the BOLDscreen 32 UHD monitor is connected and powered via a single, thin, light and very flexible tactical cable which can be supplied in a variety of lengths. The core material is similar to Kevlar, which is far more robust than traditional fibre optic solutions that break so easily when accidentally flexed or run over by trolley wheels.

The unique cable construction contains entirely separate fibre and copper wires to carry power, UHD video, plus all the two-way USB signals needed for the BOLDscreen 32 UHD ecosystem; including the built-in cameras and any wireless response devices.

BOLDscreen 32 UHD Cable Construction


The source of everything

In a busy MRI centre everyone needs something different to appear on the display. We have engineered a compact audio-visual hub that makes it simple to connect multiple sources, switch between them at the touch of a button, and controls the two way data streams flowing through the BOLDscreen 32 UHD display.
BOLDscreen 32 UHD SDVoE AVI Hub

Introducing the new AVI Hub

Simply fully loaded. We've thought of everything you will need for a multi-input video matrix that needs to support fMRI stimulus delivery, entertainment, and real-time video processing for interventional applications. The BOLDscreen AVI Hub is a compact, discrete, single box solution that won't take over the MRI technologist desk.

Front View

BOLDscreen AVI Hub Front View

Rear View

BOLDscreen AVI Hub Back View


Integrated Wireless Hub

The BOLDscreen 32 UHD in-room display has an integrated wireless hub which supports a new range of synchronised, wireless MRI accessories made exclusively by Cambridge Research Systems. The hub makes it easier than ever to give your participants other devices to interact with inside the bore. With no need to worry about the management of fragile fibre-connected devices, you can relax and focus on getting your participants ready for scanning quicker than ever, knowing that you can rely on getting a robust stream of feedback to your software every time. And just like your TV remote control, our wireless accessories are very low power and do not need frequent recharging.

Wireless Response Box

Starting with an ergonomic, compact hand held four button response box which emulates a USB HID mouse, our tactile, easy to sanitise response devices make it simple to capture behavioural responses that are synchronised to image displayed on the BOLDscreen 32 UHD display and the MRI sequence. The data from the buttons is returned to the stimulus presentation by USB - the wireless response box appears to your computer as a 4 button USB HID keyboard.

Wireless Handheld MRI Response Box


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