Fibre Bundle 55

Fibre Bundle 350x350

The fibre optics are bundled inside a robust plastic casing which connects the response device to the optoelectronic interface unit. It is easily passed through a standard wave guide in the penetration panel and needs no special filtered connectors or complicated installation.

  • The bundle length is 55 feet (17 m)
  • Two 55 feet bundles can be added together for up to 110 feet (34 m)
  • Connector: 0.625 inches (1.56 cm) outer diameter
  • Bundle: 0.28 inches (0.71 cm) outer diameter
  • 8 fibre low cost option (works with 4 buttons or fewer, no pointing devices) 
  • 12 fibre bundles work with all response devices and interfaces
What Else Is Needed?

The fibre optic bundle is used to connect the response device to the electronic interface.

How Many Fibres and How Long?

The 8-fibre bundle is for use with the 904 interface and 2 or 4 button response pads. The 12-fibre bundle is for use with the 905 & 932 intefaces and all response pads. The length of the bundle is determined by the distance from the control computer to the scanner: 55 ft. is the standard length and works in most settings. 80 and 100 ft long bundles are also available when needed.