Lumina 350x350

The Lumina LU-400 is a reliable patient response system designed specifically for use in a MRI scanner. Lumina was developed to satisfy the requirements of both the clinical and research fields.

Guide Price: £3100

SKU: N1200


The most frequently asked question is how a Lumina system is installed. The diagram above gives an overview:

A Response Pads: These are built of 100% plastic and fiber optics. They are totally inert and safe.

B OTEC Unit: Converts electricity to light and is connected to the pads via protected fiber optic cables.

C Shielded Cable: Connects the OTEC unit to the penetration panel. Uses wires and connectors of the highest quality.

D Penetration Panel: Any existing penetration panels need a DB9 cutout. Contact us to receive a penetration panel with a DB9 cutout. 

E RF Filter: Optionally installed if the penetration panel does not have a built-in filter.

F Shielded Cable: Connects the penetration panel to the controller.

G Controller: Detects key presses, times them, performs TTL I/O, and connects to the host computer. See Controller Features for all the features built into this versatile device.

H Serial Cable: Connects the controller to the host computer.

There are two other optional connections not shown on the diagram:

Scanner Trigger Input: The Lumina controller can detect the scanner triggers and pass them through to the serial port.

Accessory Connector: Provides a highly configurable TTL input/output link.