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AudioFile is the easiest way to deliver auditory stimuli with synchronous triggers. Designed for scientific applications where the timing and synchronisation of stimulus streams are critical, AudioFile supports real time streaming directly from a host computer and buffered, offline playback of files stored on a high capacity SD card.

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Easy to Integrate

AudioFile is a zero latency triggerable audio stimulus generator (ASG). It has a complete collection of analogue and digital audio outputs for easy integration. Choose from headphone and line, or optical S/PDIF for connection to a third-party amplifier. Standard TTL stimulus markers are compatible with 3rd party ERP/EEG systems.


  • Audiofile's colour OLED display shows status information.
  • Audiofile has a slot for a SD card for stimulus track storage. The files are stored as uncompressed 16 bit 44kHz wav files to avoid introducing audio artefacts. A 32GB card is supplied with AudioFile which gives over 8 hours of recorded stimulus.
  • Audiofile is triggered with a TTL pulse, typically from a Visual Stimulus Generator (like the Cambridge Research Systems Display++ or Bits#) or data acquisition system. The PC parallel port works just fine too. A digital event code is also necessary, which controls which stimulus track is to be played.
  • A trigger output indicates when a track is playing.
  • Audio output is via an optical SPDIF output, or conventional analogue line out.
  • A separate headphone output is provided.
  • Audiofile is USB bus powered, so no separate power supply is required.

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