ColorCAL MKII Colorimeter

ColorCal MKII 350x350

Calibrated and affordable colorimeter performs better than a spectroradiometer for gamma correction. Computer-controlled, bus powered USB colorimeter with an easy to use cross-platform software interface, designed for characterising and calibrating your CRT or LCD monitor.

Display characterisation can be a time consuming, manual procedure, but ColorCAL helps to make it automated and fast. This compact bus-powered USB colorimeter measures CIE chromaticity coordinates and photopic luminance. The CIE 1931 XYZ data is returned to the computer using a virtual serial port interface which is straightforward to control and incorporate with a wide variety of software, including MATLAB and Python. Combine it with Psychtoolbox-3 and PsychoPy for easy gamma correction of your stimulus display.

Each unit is precisely calibrated using a NIST-traceable spectroradiometer and appropriate light sources; the units contain multiple calibration matrices for use with CRT, LCD and OLED monitors. This approach provides the best possible accuracy at a very affordable price.

ColorCAL also features a TTL-compatible, photodiode style output. This provides an elegant way to generate screen based triggers. This handy feature can aid in characterising signal processing delays (input lag) in LCD monitors, projectors and other digital display technologies, which if undetected might introduce a confound in experimental results.


  • Computer-controlled, bus powered USB colorimeter with an easy to use cross-platform software interface.
  • Measures CIE chromaticity coordinates and luminance. Data is provided in CIE XYZ format.
  • Additional SMB TTL-compatible output provides an elegant way to generate screen-based triggers.
  • Integral fixed field-of-view lens allows the device to operate near or far from the display.
  • Compact tripod included to mount and position the sensor.

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