Variantor Dichromatic Spectacles


Colour vision deficiency simulation glasses.

An experience based tool that can be used to aid colour universal design, Variantor helps you to understand what the world looks like to color deficient people.

Just by wearing Variantor, allows you to very simply experience first-hand the confusing colour combinations such people see.

Guide Price: £300

SKU: N2600


There are significant variations in the perception of colour. In Europe and the US one in every 10-12 males and 200 females
are believed to be colour vision deficient, with around 10 million in the US and 2 million in the UK. This makes it hard when designing sign, maps and displays etc. that can be understood by all.

In the past designers have had to take photographs and use software to analyse and display them how they would appear to a colour
vision deficient person. These glasses make this process a whole lot easier and faster, allowing the wearer to experience firsthand how the world looks to a colour deficient person. Confusing colour combinations can be quickly seen and be altered so that the document being designed can be understood by all.

The filter used in the glasses has been developed through a national project in Japan, who’s work was presented at the 2006 ECVP conference in Russia.
This picture shows how shaded zones in a map that appear to have highly contrasting colours to anyone with normal colour vision (left), can appear very different to someone with colour vision deficiency (right). 

Variantor has been recognized as a useful tool for color universal design by the authorized NPO color universal design organization (CUDO), Japan.





Variantor recieved the Japan Industrial Design and Promotion Organisation "Good Design Award" 2007, click here to see how the glasses were evaluated.


CAUTION: Variantor is not designed to assist people with color vision deficiency. Variantor does not cure color vision deficiency.
Driving a vehicle or operating a machine with Variantor may lead to serious injury or vehicle damage.
Before using Variantor, please read the instruction manual carefully.
NOTICE: Variantor cannot simulate the ability of color discrimination as expected for CRT/LC displays and LED lights.