CRS Toolbox for MATLAB


MATLAB is our recommended software tool for all programmable CRS systems. Its interactive script language is very easy to learn and use, and incorporates a vast range of powerful mathematical functions and graphics. Its simple command line interface allows you to quickly try out commands and immediately see the result.

The Tools

Stimulus Drawing

New algorithms are all implemented in MATLAB to enhance the VSG's drawing capabilities.

  • Commonly used stimuli including: gratings, checkerboards, Gabors, Gaussian derivatives
  • Noise drawing, with wide range of statistical properties
  • Drawn to sub-pixel accuracy
  • Can be used with Colour Tools, to directly draw chromatic stimuli in any supported colour space
  • Multiple moving regions: easily specify motion between multiple stimuli (ViSaGe only)


These functions implement many commonly used psychophysical techniques.

  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Classical methods: Method of Adjustment, Method of Constant Stimuli, Method of Limits
  • Adaptive methods: Log/Linear ascending/descending staircases, PEST, QUEST, ZEST and more
  • Dot Plotting


  • Popular stimuli for pattern ERG/VEPs, all with configurable output trigger.
  • Checkerboards
  • Gratings
  • Isoluminant colour
  • Motion onset

Eye Movements

The CRS Video Eyetracker Toolbox system can be easily integrated for gaze tracking and gaze contingent displays.

Real Demonstrations

The CRS Toolbox includes a collection of real demonstrations, which implement classic vision science experiments. These can be used as the basis of your own experiments, to understand VSG technical and programming concepts, and as teaching tools.

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