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Neurokinematix integrates our advanced multisensory stimulus delivery system with the rest of your lab gear. Our rapid experimental design tools mean you no longer need expert programming skills to synchronise electrophysiological data, eye tracking, subject feedback and reward delivery.

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Experimental design and timing made easy

  • Rapid Experiment Design
  • Unified Stimulus/Acquisition
  • Timing Easy Integration of all your Lab Gear

Synchronise your lab gear

Use your favourite vendors for behavioural feedback and electrophysiological data acquisition. Neurokinematix links it all together with unified stimulus/acquisition timing.

The Neurokinematix bundle

Following consultation, CRS staff scientists will prepare your bespoke stimuli. Neurokinematix is a turnkey solution, meaning it will be ready to run as soon as you power it up. Of course, you can create new stimuli from scratch or edit the existing stimuli as needed.

We'll also show you how to link your existing behavioural feedback and electrophysiological data through the Bits# (Bits sharp) stimulus processor. It doesn't just communicate with the Neurokinematix software, but also time-syncs all feedback and data for a perfectly measured experiment each and every time.

Want even more? Take your stimulus delivery to the next level with these optional extras.


When the timing and synchronisation of the audio–visual streams is critical, AudioFile is the only solution.


Display++ is our calibrated 32” LCD monitor; designed from the ground up for vision research. Bits# technology is built into the monitor, and you can choose between touchscreen and 3D capabilities.

For an introduction to Neurokinematix, download our technical brochure.

 Neurokinematix brochure

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