Correcting patient vision has previously been problematic in certain diagnostic and research environments. It is often not possible for research subjects and patients to wear their own glasses because of various technical and safety reasons including data artefacts, burn risk and magnetic safety. It can be very disorientating and frightening for them not to be able to see clearly in unfamiliar and potentially hazardous environments. Our range of slim-profile, MR safe prescription glasses for adults and children are quick and easy to customise to your subject's prescription. They have an easy, push fit Rx lens change system and a selection of graded Rx/lens powers (ranging from -6 to +6 dioptres in 0.5 or 1.0 dioptre increments). The design offers comfort and security with an adjustable head strap and silicone face/nose rests. The slim, contour style of frame is particularly suitable for use with the lastest multi-channel head coil designs where there is often very limited space between the subject's face and the top of the coil.

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