NoMoCo Vinyl Cover

Nomoco 350x350

Comfort and Sensory Feedback with the NoMoCo - No Motion Correction Pillow.

Working with clinical psychologist and research scientist MJ Meloy we bring you this unique head restraint kit for use in fMRI.

  • Precision cut and hand made
  • Made from the highest grade "memory foam"
  • Technology based and experience driven
  • Vinyl coated system provides chemical resistance to fluids, including cleaning products.

Guide Price: £1250

SKU: N1702

NoMoCo Inc's pillow support system products optimize brain images for accurate, detailed diagnostic reports by the neuroradiologist in research centers, hospitals or clinical settings. The pillows are precision cut, designed from high-grade memory foam, easily cleanable and artifact free. NoMoCo helps patients complete radiologic exams with maximum comfort and with minimal movement, eliminating the need for repeat tests.

12-piece pillow support system kits include: head rest pads for head coil cradle; neck rolls for cervical support; wedge slide pads for lateral support and to hold headphones in place; square pads for around the top of the head to add further support, particularly for smaller subjects; and a head strap to restrain the forehead and provide sensory feedback regarding head placement and positioning.

  • Vinyl coated*
  • 12-piece set including a case
  • Two sizes of each pad for use with adults and children
  • Hand made from the highest grade “memory foam”
  • Easily cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant
  • Does not cause artifacts in imaging applications

* NoMoCo's Vinyl Coated system is puncture resistant with antibacterial qualities suitable for repeated use. The coating is not as thick as the Healthcare Fabric pillow system, but still offers a puncture resistant coating suitable for repeated use. The vinyl spray coating has been rated by ASTM standards to provide very good chemical resistance to various fluids, including betadine, blood, acid, urea, alcohol and all-purpose cleaning products.

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