The NoMoCo memory foam pillow support system helps patients complete brain imaging studies in research centers, hospitals or clinical settings with maximum comfort and with minimal movement. The pillow support system is designed to enhance the needs of neuroimaging researchers and clinicians by helping to maintain a subject's head in position for an extended period of time during examinations. Use of NoMoCo's products result in the collection of high quality image output data that eliminates the need for repeat tests.

Two durable pillow support system kits are available that can be cleaned with disinfectant and used by multiple patients in hospital and clinical outpatient MRI suites. Concern over infectious disease and fluid contamination has been NoMoCo's primary reason to develop coatings and fabrics that can withstand repeated cleaning using hospital grade disinfectants. A non-clinic pillow system kit is also available for healthy subjects.

Each NoMoCo pillow is precision cut and hand made from the highest cut grade memory foam. NoMoCo's 12-piece pillow support system kits include: head rest pads for head coil cradle; neck rolls for cervical support; wedge slide pads for lateral support and to hold headphones in place; square pads for around the top of the head to add further support, particularly for smaller subjects; and a head strap to restrain the forehead and provide sensory feedback regarding head placement and positioning. These pillows do not cause artifacts in imaging applications.

Watch MJ Meloy, PhD. demonstrate the uses and proven effectiveness of the system in this short demonstration video.


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