BOLDscreen 23 LCD for fMRI

Questions about BOLDscreen 23?


BOLDscreen 23 is a legacy product that provides a simple, cost-effective way to present visual stimuli for 3T fMRI.

Like our other BOLDscreen LCD monitors, it's an "MRI Compatible" MR Safe display with no time lag and, of course, no interference with the scanner, even when positioned right at the exit of the bore.

Though not available for purchase any more, the BOLDscreen 23 is still fully supported by Cambridge Research Systems. This legacy page will include technical data, downloadable firmware updates as well as installation information. For alternatives to the BOLDscreen 23, please visit the BOLDscreen 32 and BOLDscreen 24 product pages. 

M0131 BOLDscreen Datasheet M0136 BOLDscreen 23 Datasheet

Easy to install and integrate

BOLDscreen 23 is designed to provide maximum field of view when sited at the rear of the MRI bore. A 20m DVI Over Fibre video cable and a bespoke in-room power supply make BOLDscreen 23 quick and easy to install and connect to standard computers sited in the MR Console Room.

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