BOLDscreen Trolley with Adjustable Arm


Height and tilt adjustable trolley for situations requiring more flexible positioning of your BOLDscreen. When not in use, the arm can be folded back over the base, thus saving space.

Guide Price: £5000

SKU: M2750

In fMRI, the BOLDscreen is often best placed at the rear of the bore, giving the observer has the maximum possible field of view via a mirror mounted on the headcoil.  However some scanners have a bed track at the rear that prevents you from placing a trolley immediately behind it.

This trolley is the solution - with the base placed to one side of the track, the adjustable arm is used in an extended position, allowing you to place your BOLDscreen directly above the track.

T2 Trolley 350x350

When the BOLDscreen is not in use, the arm can be folded back over the base to save space.

The trolley is height and tilt adjustable, giving you maximum flexibility wherever you need to place your BOLDscreen.

Suitable for use with our range of BOLDscreen displays for MRI

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