EyeLock Chinrest

Eyelock Chin Rest

Our new EyeLock chin and forehead rest is designed to comfortably reduce participants’ head movements during psychophysical experiments.

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Comfort is critical to performance

Head positioning is necessary in experiments where stimuli must be presented at precise spatial frequencies, as it controls the viewing distance between the eye and the stimulus. It also improves the accuracy of eye tracking systems by removing a source of spatial noise; this can be particularly useful when our LiveTrack Lightning eye tracker is used for micro-saccade studies.

During long data collection sessions, the comfort of your participant can be critical in obtaining their best performance. EyeLock is engineered for maximum comfort, without sacrificing rigidity or ease of use. The forehead and chin rest pads are made of soft, malleable TPU and can be sanitised between participants using alcohol wipes. They are mounted on gliding bearings for smooth adjustment to different head sizes.

EyeLock can be attached to a table with clamps, or secured using the optional quick release base.

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