Hercules Table


The Hercules is a height adjustable, motorised Ophthalmic table.

Guide Price: £1500

SKU: M0070

Hercules is a height adjustable motorised  table for ophthalmic instruments which operates on a silent and strong electrical motor, lifting up to 200 kg. The column telescopic movement is based on an efficient sliding mechanism using 12 ball bearings. The Hercules table can be assembled with either central or lateral column position, without difficulty or difference in cost.

The Hercules table is provided with invisible and self-blocked wheels. The Hercules table comes with a matt black Trespa 1m table top. It's strong enough to lift a 22" colour CRT monitor that we can supply with the column at one end of the base and the CRT sited directly above the column. There's a handy remote control that we supply which makes it easy to position the column at the correct height.

The Hercules table is guaranteed for two years.