SpectroCAL MKII Spectroradiometer

Spectrocal 350x350

High-performance spectroradiometer with NIST traceable calibration makes extremely accurate colorimetric measurements over the entire visible spectrum, even of narrow band sources.

Guide Price: £7500

SKU: M0161



CRS signed driver bundle of FTDI Drivers for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

ZIP icon SpectroCAL MKII - USB Virtual Serial Port Interface

Mac OS X and MacOS Sierra

CRS signed FTDI kext package to support SpectroCAL MKII.

ZIP icon SpectroCAL MKII - USB Virtual Serial Port Interface 


Example Code


Cross-platform Toolbox to support measurements from within MATLAB.

ZIP icon SpectroCAL Toolbox for MATLAB v2.1 (November 2017)



JETI-provided software application to support customers without MATLAB. Saves data to Excel format files.

ZIP icon LiVal


JETI documentation for the specbos 1211 spectroradiometer hardware; SpectroCAL MKII is based on the same hardware.

PDF icon JETI Operating Instructions for specbos 1211

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