SpectroCAL MKII Spectroradiometer

Spectrocal 350x350

High-performance spectroradiometer with NIST traceable calibration makes extremely accurate colorimetric measurements over the entire visible spectrum, even of narrow band sources.

Guide Price: £8250

SKU: M0161

SpectroCAL is an affordable, high-performance spectroradiometer for vision scientists, and makes it extremely simple to measure the Spectral Power Distribution of computer display devices like CRT and LCD monitors.

Optical parameters

Spectral Range: 350nm ‑ 1000nm (standard); Or 250nm - 1000nm (UV extended - optional range for higher price)
Wavelength Resolution: 4.5nm
Calculated Wavelength Step: 1nm
Viewing Angle: 1.8° (Luminance mode)
Measuring Distance/Diameter: 20cm - Ø 6mm; 100cm - Ø 31mm (luminance)
Measured Values: Spectral Radiance, Luminance, Chromaticity Coordinates, Correlated Color Temperature
Measurement performance Luminance Measuring Range: 0.1-2500cd.m-2 (higher values with optional filter)
Luminance Accuracy: ±2 % (@ 100cd.m-2 and Illuminant A)
Luminance Reproducibility: ±1%
Chromaticity Accuracy: ±0.002 x, y (@ 2856K)
Colour Reproducibility: ±0.0005 x, y
CCT Reproducibility: ±20K (@ 2856 K)
Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5nm
Technical parameters Dispersive Element: Imaging grating (flat field)
Light Receiving Element: CCD array 2048 pixel (backthinned)
Power Supply: USB powered
Computer Interface: USB 2.0; fullspeed
Dimensions: 180mm x 82mm x 53mm
Weight: 450g
Accessories (included) Measurement Control Panel and CRS Colour Toolbox for MATLAB 7
USB cable
Hard transportation case
Calibration Calibration: NIST traceable
Calibration certificate included
Recommended recalibration interval: 1 year

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