Harmony MRI Entertainment

MRI Entertainment display thru scanner 350

Allow your MRI participants to enjoy audio-visual entertainment during their scan.

Simply play your media on an tablet in the control room. Video is displayed on an MRI compatible 32" LCD display placed in the exam room, with sound routed into your existing scanner headphones via the technologist intercom system.

Entry level system includes:

  • 32" in-room LCD display & trolley
  • Audio Visual Interface Hub (AVI)
  • iPad with stand and Digital AV adapter
  • In-bore mirror and pillow

Guide Price: £23000

SKU: M0134

These light hearted videos answer some Harmony FAQs in about 90 seconds each.

If you have more in-depth questions please contact enquiries@crsltd.com.


How do I connect up the iPad to Harmony?


How can I see the display if my head is inside the scanner?



How can an LCD display be safe in the MRI environment?


Can I trust the BOLDscreen 32 display technology?


More details of BOLDscreen 32 Specifications

More details of BOLDscreen 32 Publications


Do I have to use an iPad? More video and audio options.


More details on Advanced AVI features


What else can I do to make my participant comfortable during the scan?


See our range for MRI Patient Comfort

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