BrainVoyager QX


BrainVoyager is the "all-in-one" solution for brain imaging research enables analysis and visualisation of functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging data. 

  • Highly flexible data processing on raw data
  • Comprehensive set of analysis and visualization tools.
  • Beautiful visualisations of obtained results.
  • Used in more than 500 research groups worldwide, it is known for its high processing speed and interactive, user friendly interface.
  • Cross Platform – use your preferred operating system and exploit existing hardware
  • Fully open programming interface for advanced users
  • Bidirectional connection with BESA (Brain Electrical Source Analysis) allows easy integration with EEG and MEG data.

Guide Price: £4650

SKU: N1600

BrainVoyager is a highly optimized and user friendly software system for the analysis and visualization of functional and anatomical magnetic resonance imaging data. It combines surface-based and volume-based tools to study the structure and function of the human brain.

 The power and speed of BrainVoyager offers you an exciting opportunity to explore the secrets of the active brain.The latest edition of BrainVoyager comes with a Diffusor Tension Imaging (DTI) module that allows for the analysis of diffusion-weighted MRI data.

 The comprehensive and powerful neuroimaging tool contains many exciting new features. New, highly efficient analysis tools including statistical, numerical, and image processing routines allow you to break down your data sets into even more meaningful and insightful figures.

Major advancements in segmentation methods and surface reconstruction techniques enable you to easily create far more detailed reconstructions in really beautiful, figures and movies.

BrainVoyager is the only complete solution that runs on all major platforms at high speed with the ability to simply and reliably exchange data, figures and movie between them.

Add-ons and extra software!

  • Share the high quality figures and movies that you create with colleagues. Simply download BrainVoyager Viewer for free and see the results of your analyses on any other computer as you would using BrainVoyager.
  • BrainVoyager connects with BESA (Brain Electrical Source Analysis) for a really easy way to combine MEG, EEG and fMRI data. For more information about BESA, click here.
  • When purchased with the TMS Neuronavigator Module, it enables the precise and individual navigation of a TMS coil to a specific anatomical area of the brain. For more information about BrainVoyager TMS Neuronavigator, click here.
  • BrainVoyager is really simple and easy to use, and a free educational software program, Brain Tutor, can be downloaded to help get the most from BrainVoyager. Training courses held throughout the year are also a really helpful addition to your BrainVoyager education.

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