Visual Cortex Phased-Array MRI Coil

Visual Cortex Coil 350x350

Questions about the Güdform 32?


The Güdform 32 channel MR coil is atlas-optimised for visual cortex imaging and provides 7T-like performance on standard 3T scanners.

In many locations, the SNR of this posterior-only coil is more than 2X greater than a typical vendor-provided whole-head 32 channel coil, and allows for fast, high-resolution imaging of the visual cortex, down to 0.75mm isotropic voxel resolution for fMRI, and 0.35mm isotropic resolution for anatomical imaging.

Guide Price: £75000

SKU: P0136


350micron isotropic FLASH SPGR image acquired in 4.5 minutes. This is essentially 20x the resolution of a normal 1mm FLASH image.

350micron isotropic FLASH image

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