EventIDE 350x350

EventIDE from Okazolab is the next generation tool for designing advanced behavioural experiments, neuroscientific studies and usability tests.

The guide price includes 3 years of software updates.

Guide Price: £1850

SKU: N8000

EventIDE fully supports our range of LiveTrack eye trackers:

LiveTrack Lightning affordable 500Hz eye tracking

LiveTrack AV for fMRI

LiveTrack FM fixation monitor


Real Time Eye Tracking Analysis

  • Real-time saccades and fixations detection
  • Instant detection of saccade states: start, peak velocity and end
  • Online analysis with AOIs, heatmaps, scanpaths
  • Online data access
  • Eye tracking over desktop and third-party applications
  • Object tracking in video
  • Export results to data files, images and video
  • Templates for standard eye tracking tasks



  • Sub-millisecond analysis time
  • Automatic adaptation to measurement noise
  • Lossless gaze tracking and sampling

 For full information please see Okazolab.