OEM Eye Tracker Developer Program

OEM Eye Tracking

Our technology is suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Real-time direction of gaze measurements in ophthalmic and optical instruments
  • Eye movement recording for physiological and psychological screening
  • Pupilometry, incorporating full pupil tracking and measurement
  • Eye movement monitoring and assessment for clinical applications

The CRS Eyetracker developer program is designed to facilitate the easy integration of our eye tracking technology into third party OEM applications.

Our Video Eyetracking products are based upon a unique software engine. From the user's perspective it offers extreme ease of use and very robust tracking in a wide range of conditions. The software was conceived as a development tool to easily add eye tracking to other systems. From the developers point of view this makes the integration fast and simple. The engine is built on COM technology that is supported by almost all Microsoft compatible development tools.

Our eyetracking OEM solutions are available in a range of implementations, from complete systems to volume IP licensing.

The developers programme is open to academic as well as commercial partners.
Joining our developers programme costs just £10,000. For this the OEM receives:

  • A complete Video Eyetracker Toolbox, (value £6000), to enable rapid evaluation and familiarisation of the technology. This includes numerous sample applications complete with full source code.
  • Two further software licenses for applications development and Beta testing.
  • Mutual nondisclosure agreement ensuring that new eye tracker applications and product development plans are protected.
  • Enhanced technical support. This gives the OEM direct access to the hardware and software engineers that developed the system, not just a support technician.
  • Expert advice to speed implementation of eye tracking applications. Our team of scientists and engineers are available to help with all aspects of the integration including, eye movement measurements, optical design and software implementation (limited to maximum 12 hours, which can be upgraded for a further fee).
  • Access to key parts of the engine source code to enable seamless integration of the engine into user applications.
  • Participation in our tiered volume purchasing scheme (contact our sales team for full details).