BlueGain EOG Biosignal Amplifier

BlueGain EOG

  • Wirelessly connected
  • Infra red sensor allowing synchronisation of data with external events
  • Simple and flexible

Guide Price: £1250

SKU: M0020

BlueGain biomedical amplifiers are a range of wirelessly connected amplifiers for directly measuring patient bio-potentials.

BlueGainEOG has been configured to record electrooculograms (EOG) and communicate these signals to a host computer, performing the minimum amount of processing. An infrared sensor allows data to be synchronised with external events.

What is electrooculography? Electrooculography is an electrical method of recording eye movements. Tiny electrodes are attached to the skin at the inner and outer corners of the eye, and as the eye moves an alteration in the potential between these electrodes is recorded. The size of this potential at rest also gives an indication of the health of the retina. The recording itself is called an electrooculogram (EOG).