RB-540 Series

RB530 350x350

Quality, ergonomic, practical response pads from Cedrus.

  • Compatible with all major stimulus presentation packages
  • Customisable key tops
  • Built in timing facilities
  • Accessory connector

Guide Price: £475

SKU: N1224

Customisable Key Tops

Response boxes in the RB series come with removable key tops on all models. The tops can be removed without any tool and include red, green, blue, yellow, and clear tops. This feature gives you, the investigator, new ways to customize the response pad for your particular experiment.

Examples include using all four colored tops in a Stroop experiment, or use the red and green tops to simplify instructions to participants, e.g. "press the green key if the two faces are the same or red if they are not". You can even display your instructions, literally, on the response pad. Using your printer, you can print any text or graphic, on plain white or colored paper, and insert it under a clear top.

The top of every key on the RB-540 model can be removed and replaced except for the central round button.

Built in Timing Facility

The RB-540 response pads are XID devices, or eXperimental Interface Devices. This technology was originally developed for the high end Lumina fMRI response pads but is now included in the RB Series pads as well. Being an XID device means that your response pad can measure the participant's reaction in hardware and then report a time stamped response to the computer. This capability relieves the computer to provide computationally intensive trials such as movies without worrying about maintaining accurate timing. XID devices provide timing and other facilities, e.g. a long-cycle timer that can be polled at anytime by the computer, test procedures for measuring transmission delays due to the computer's operating system, support for an Accessory Connector, and so forth.