RB-540 Series

RB530 350x350

Quality, ergonomic, practical response pads from Cedrus.

  • Compatible with all major stimulus presentation packages
  • Customisable key tops
  • Built in timing facilities
  • Accessory connector

Guide Price: £475

SKU: N1224


USB interface

Compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

Replaceable key tops

Customize the response pads to any experiment.

Built-in reaction time measurement

Get piece of mind with a hardware timer that guarantees 1 millisecond resolution. Your computer is now free to perform any task, however complex (e.g. playing a movie) while the response pad takes care of timing.

Universal compatibility

The RB Series response pads are compatible with E-Prime, Presentation, SuperLab, and other programs.

No batteries or A/C adapter required

The RB-x40 range are USB bus-power devices. Take them anywhere; they work even on a battery-operated laptop.