Introducing Lightning

Our new video eye tracking solution for laboratory research is both lightning fast and affordable! 




Cambridge Research Systems is proud to introduce LiveTrack Lightning, the affordable 500 Hz video eye tracker for laboratory research. Use it to record saccade metrics and gaze contingent displays. Monitor observer behaviour and pupil response during visual psychophysics and cognitive neuroscience experiments. 

LiveTrack Lightning:

  • Delivers accurate, precise estimates of eye rotation, Direction of Gaze coordinates and pupil size; ideal for oculomotor research.
  • Is easy and fast to setup and calibrate.
  • Operates as a standalone system but also neatly integrates with the Display++ Touchscreen LCD monitor, AudioFile stimulus processor, and the other Tools for Vision Science in our range.

Dedicated eye tracking hardware

The Lightning's Presto unit does all number crunching in real-time. No programming required, and no processing loads burden your stimulus computer - all data and results are calculated and streamed via high-speed, low latency USB inferface.


Very easy integration and synchronisation

Our API makes integration with MATLAB, Python and C on any computer, a breeze. Livetrack also works with Presentation, ePrime and other third-party software. The Presto unit features a full array of connectivity options, including trigger inputs.


Live video of participant

Get instant feedback on your participant's progress by plugging in any LCD monitor on the Presto's HDMI output. Presto works just like a webcam, allowing you to capture and edit video with a range of third-party utilities. 


Visit the LiveTrack Lightning page for all the details.