Demo Night - Reverse Stroop Battle

The Reverse Stroop Battle at VSS 2015 demo night.


VSS 2015 Demo Night. Compete against your colleagues in the Reverse Stroop Battle. Two players will compete at the same time to determine who responds quickest to an identical set of stimuli presented simultaneously on two synchronised Display++ touchscreen monitors. Stimuli presented using Psychtoolbox-3 and MATLAB. Inspired by Frank H. Durgin (Professor of Psychology, Swarthmore College).

The Event

Setting up.

Setting up the Reverse Stroop Battle


Let's Play

The first contestants.

Let's Play the Reverse Stroop Battle



The queue.

Queuing for the Reverse Stroop Battle


The Winners

The final Leader Board. Thank you to all 180 of you who took part.

Leader Board for the Reverse Stroop Battle