VSS 2013 Best Poster Awards

We are proud to be supporting the inaugural Best Poster Awards at VSS 2013.

Cambridge Research Systems - VSS 2013 Best Poster Award






Nine Best Student Poster Awards, sponsored by Cambridge Research Systems, will be awarded at VSS 2013. These awards, one for each poster session, recognize the most outstanding student poster presented during each poster session at VSS 2013.

Eligibility Requirements:

All students presenting posters at VSS 2013 in an undergraduate or graduate program are eligible. Post-doctoral fellows are not eligible. Students wishing to participate must be the first author and presenting author on the submitted abstract.


Students who wish to be considered for the “Best Student Poster Award” will place a sticker on their board indicating their interest. Attendees will “vote” for their favorite poster by placing a sticker on the poster of their choice (one for each session). Attendees can vote only once per session. At the end of the session, votes will be tallied and a winner chosen.

Posters winning the Best Student Poster of the Day will be displayed near the Registration desk for the duration of the meeting. After the meeting, “electronic” versions of the winning posters will be posted our website!

Ensure you take part in this years VSS 2013 - $100 prize per poster session!