Introducing Metropsis

Visual Function Assessment for Clinical Research has just become simpler, thanks to Cambridge Research Systems. 


Cambridge Research Systems is proud to introduce Metropsis, the complete toolbox for psychophysical assessment of visual function.


  • Features a wide range of standard and custom visual function protocols, including Rod Sensitivity tests for scotopic and mesopic light levels.
  • Fast, accurate and more sensitive than standard tests.
  • Developed for normal, defective, paediatric, ageing and low vision populations. 

Streamline your study with Metropsis 

Metropsis is ideal for investigating diseases of the eye and the brain, as well as changes in visual functions as a secondary effect of systemic disorders, such as cardiovascular diseases and neurological dysfunctions. 

Customize Metropsis to suit your research

Want to expand your research? We'll work with you to develop novel Metropsis tests that meet your specific needs! Contact our staff scientist for a free consultation on how to best configure Metropsis for your study.


Visit the Metropsis web site for all the details.