BOLDscreen 24 LCD for fMRI

BOLDscreen 24 350x350

Questions about the BOLDscreen 24?


BOLDscreen 24 has been engineered from the ground up to provide the superior image quality necessary for vision research: super high brightness, high contrast, high resolution visual stimuli.

Our BOLDscreen monitors are the only "MRI Compatible" MR Safe displays with no time lag, integrated sensor for luminance calibration and, of course, no interference with the scanner, even when positioned right at the exit of the bore.

"BOLDscreen provides an absolutely fabulous image and our testing shows no artefacts whatsoever." - The NeuroImaging Center, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

M0131 BOLDscreen Datasheet M0131 BOLDscreen 24 Datasheet

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Designed from the ground up for fMRI

Display Characteristics

  • H-IPS LCD: 24", 1920 x 1200, RGB colour with fixed 60Hz frame rate
  • Active area: 518.4mm x 324.0mm (0.270mm pixel pitch)
  • Native 8-bit colour resolution, true colour 16.7 million display
  • Light output is synchronous to the input video signal
  • Digital DVI video input delivers high fidelity noise-free displays
  • SuperBright white LED matrix backlight, peak white up to 800cd.m-2
  • Typical contrast ratio 1000:1
  • Typical spatial uniformity 2% over central 75% of display area
  • Typical grey-to-grey response time 5ms
  • Normal switching frequency of the backlight is 75kHz (synchronous to horizontal rate)
  • Automatic compensation of brightness for temperature and ageing (factory set to maintain 400cd m-2)
  • Video Input: 1920x1200 pixels, digital DVI, 60Hz, 24-bit RGB

Display Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 620 x 445 x 70mm
  • Weight: 16.5kg

Tripod Dimensions

BOLDscreen is supplied with an MR Safe tripod. An MR Safe trolley is available at additional charge.

  • Height adjustable: 1000 – 1800mm
  • Weight: 2.5kg

Power Supply

  • Mains Input: 100 to 240Vac nominal, 50 or 60Hz, 150w.
  • Output: 5, 15 and 35 to 45Vdc.
  • Fuses: HBC T3.15A / 250VAC
  • Dimensions: 282 x 187 x 75mm
  • Weight: 3.75 kg

Cable Lengths

  • Optical Fibre: 20m single-link DVI with integrated transmitter and receiver
  • DC Power Cable: 10m
  • Mains Power Lead: IEC to appropriate mains plug, 2m

System Environmental Conditions

  • Indoor use only
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +30°C
  • Cooling: Convection-cooled
  • Operating (or Storage Humidity up to 40°C) : 10-90% RH, non-condensing
  • Storage Temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C, 40% RH

MR Safety

BOLDscreen is categorised as MR safe in accordance with the labelling requirements of ASTM F2503-08 (“an item that poses no known hazards in all MR environments”). See FAQs.


The power supply and cables are MR conditional (“an item that has been demonstrated to pose no known hazards in a specified MR environment with specified conditions of use”).



BOLDscreen has no observed effect on functional and structural MRI scans at 3T, even with screen located at exit of scanner bore, and no effect on displayed image whilst scanning. See test data.

  • Emissions: EN55011 class B conducted & radiated
  • Harmonic Currents: EN61000-3-2 class A
  • Voltage Flicker: EN61000-3-3
  • ESD Immunity: EN61000-4-2, level 3 contact, Perf Criteria A
  • Radiated Immunity: EN61000-4-3, level 3, Perf Criteria A
  • EFT/Burst: EN61000-4-4, level 2, Perf Criteria A
  • Surge: EN61000-4-5, installation class 3, Perf Criteria A
  • Conducted Immunity:EN61000-4-6, level 3, Perf Criteria A
  • Magnetic Field (limit applies to PSU only): EN61000-4-8, 3 A/m, Perf Criteria A
  • Dips & Interruptions : EN61000-4-11, 30% 10 ms, 60% 100 ms, >95% 5000 ms
  • Perf Criteria A, B, B


Safety Conformance

Type B equipment in accordance with EN60601 for devices in the patient environment.

  • EN60601-1, Type B Equipment, Class 1

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