BlueGain EOG Biosignal Amplifier

BlueGain EOG

  • Wirelessly connected
  • Infra red sensor allowing synchronisation of data with external events
  • Simple and flexible

Guide Price: £1250

SKU: M0020

Analog Charactaristics Input Voltage Range 0 to 80 mV
Frequency Response DC to 150 Hz
CMRR 110 db
Input Current tbd
Input Noise tbd
Isolation Technique Radio
Battery Life Typically 75 houses with lithium AA Cells (2 Required)
Digitisation 16 Bits each channel, simultaneous sampling on each channel
Sample Rate 10 kHz max
Resolution 122 nV
Digital Characteristics Data rate to host 1 kHz per channel (10 samples internally accumulated to form each data point)
Internal storage 3.5s at 1 kHz
Service Virtual Serial Port, SLIP
Infra red marker channel Marker resolution 100 µs (1 ADC sample)
Other Features Regulatory Not currently a medical device - but watch this space!
Provided with package BlueGain Device
  Armband with velcro fastening
  USB adapter
  Sample pack of electrodes
Enclosure Dimensions ABS box with battery compartment
  110 x 67 x 26 mm
Physical Characteristics Weight 157g
Patient Connection 1.5mm touch proof connectors